Interactive Real Estate Service

MTC has invested in the creation of a Web GIS Service with the ability to appraise real estate properties (or portfolios). This was achieved by standardizing and integrating the necessary scientific - technical valuation methods, utilizing specialized software and applications and detailed geographic data which are all embedded in one application.

In addition, the application has the ability to propose possible utilizations of selected properties (individually or in groups) based on their specific characteristics (qualitative and quantitative) and their geographic position.

MTC provides specialized services to its customers through the "INTERACTIVE REAL ESTATE SERVICE" and has also the ability to personalize the services offered by introducing additional features and parameters.
Interactive Real Estate Service

Online service for recording, monitoring and mapping citizens quality of life

This particular service is addressed to Local Government, Infrastructure and Public Utilities Organizations and Agencies who wish to increase their competitiveness, cohesion and sustainability by using Smart City applications.

The service enables users and/or city employees to submit requests, problems, complaints and/or suggestions to the respective organization on matters of its competence (buildings and sites without access, movement problems, illegal use of parking spaces, etc.), by filling in an appropriate on-line form and with geographical indication of the problem, either by entering the address of the point (street - number, etc.) or by locating it on map.

The Web GIS service processes and combines different data sources such as:
  • problems and complaints of citizens
  • data completed online by citizens
  • On-site data recording with tablets
  • other desired elements inserted into the system.
Moreover online questionnaires can be created in order to collect data and analyze them geographically, enabling the relevant authority to have a supervisory overview of the situation in its administrative area and also make crucial strategic decisions.
Heat map of city problems
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